Mortgage Lending

“Anyone can come up with good ideas. Our competitive advantage is that we make it happen. Backed by a robust track record and an exceptional team, HSI is constantly challenging the status quo to preserve our position as the leading and most profitable manager in each of our strategies.”

/ Director, Investments

Investment Strategy

Notwithstanding government initiatives to incentivize new entrants and compress lending spreads, the credit market remains extremely concentrated in very few players.

  • Macroeconomic trends and the ongoing maturation of domestic capital markets will drive exponential growth in real estate-backed credit over the coming years.

  • With outstanding track records in Real Estate Private Equity and Structured Credit, HSI introduces a new practice in Real Estate Credit to bring affordable and accessible financing alternatives to the market.

  • HSI structures tailored transactions for projects and segments seen as subprime by the traditional financial industry and which have limited or temporary access to capital.

Investment Features

  • Market Read

    • Ongoing dialog with other players;

    • Precise reading of market conditions, structures, terms,
    and transactions.

  • Sourcing

    • Proprietary relationships with targets;

    • Ongoing dialog with investment banks, financial advisors, brokers, consultants, and law firms.

  • Underwriting

    • Fundamental bottom-up analysis;

    • Rigorous credit analysis and legal due diligence;

    • Tailor-made transactions.

  • Investment Approval

    • Investment committee comprised of HSI partners and multidisciplinary professionals.

  • Investing

    • Comprehensive document and structure review of each transaction;

    • Closing and disbursement;

    • Registration of guarantees.

  • Monitoring

    • Close monitoring of financials and guarantees;

    • Frequent meetings with portfolio companies.


• Developers
• Land developers
• Shopping Centers
• Hotels
• Asset owners in general

Types of financing:

• Construction
• Inventory
• Lot acquisition
• Restructuring
• Acquisition of receivables
• Real estate-backed

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